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    King of tablets – The 3rd new iPad

    Published by in Computers.

    The new iPad released by Apple is an interesting combination of familiar features and certain futuristic one which makes it a great choice. First and foremost when you look at it, the design is almost unchanged and looks just like the iPad 2; the glass and aluminum tablet still stands at 9.5 inches with a… (more)

    iPad 3 review

    Published by in Computers.

    In spite of its certain shortfalls, the new generation iPad 3 is definitely one of the best tablets in the market. Apple has not experimented with the design of the new iPad and it looks just like its previous version with the same length and width; however, the only difference is the increased thickness giving… (more)

    Choosing a suitable skateboard

    Published by in Extreme,Recreation & Sports.

    Tracing its origin back to surfing in California, skateboarding has now become a popular activity. While it can be a fun and interesting pastime, it is important to know how to skateboard properly along with the different do’s, don’ts and tips and tricks to prevent unwanted injuries. One of the crucial things to remember before… (more)

    Online video calling and conferences

    Published by in Online.

    The internet has become a vital part in people’s lives. In the present day with the aid of advanced technology, it is now possible to not only communicate over the internet but also conduct day to day transactions and businesses. One of the best and increasingly popular ways of communication over the internet is video… (more)

    Benefits of using QR codes

    Published by in Business.

    The QR code is a kind of a bar code or matrix code. However, it does not look like the conventional bar codes, like the one you may see on a book. The QR code or the quick response code was the creation of Denso-Wave, a Japanese corporation, in 1994. These codes are extremely popular… (more)

    Mistakes you should avoid when fishing

    Published by in Fishing.

    A favorite pastime among many people, fishing is truly a great way to relax and spend time in the lap of nature. It is popular among people of all ages. But sometimes it can become very frustrating, especially when you are trying for hours and have not been able to catch a single fish. To… (more)

    Fishing with live bait

    Published by in Fishing.

    Selecting and using the correct type of bait is very important for fishing. The kind of bait to be used depends on the kind of fish you want to catch as different kinds of bait attracts different fishes; while some are attracted by live baits, other are attracted by colorful baits. One of the most… (more)

    Catch more fishes with these easy tips

    Published by in Fishing.

    For those who are interested to learn fishing and those who have already been fishing, this article gives an insight into simple and easy tips which can help in increasing the number of your catch. Fishing is a simple and relaxing activity and it is the simplest tricks which can prove very effective if applied… (more)

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